Fusion Chef – Stir Cooker

Stir cook cooks great curries, halwas and more – no stress for you. It automatically stirs the contents constantly for uniform cooking. Adjustable time and temperature settings. Great gift for yourself or to give others!

The Fusion Chef Stir Cooker

Stir Cooker Stirs Your Food So You Don’t Have To.

Spend more time with your family and less time in the kitchen with the Fusion Chef Stir Cooker. Set the stirring function to “AUTO” for intermittent stirring or set it to “ON” for continuous stirring. With easy to use temperature controls this cooker will help you focus on more important things than remembering to stir your dish.

The Fusion Chef Stir Cooker is easy to assemble, use and clean which makes it a great addition to any kitchen.

Did you know that on average, Indian women spend a minimum one hour a day stirring food? Dishes including curries, upma, kichadi, kesari and halwa all require time laboring over a hot stove, constantly mixing in order to evenly cook the food and avoid sticking. You step away for a minute to attend the phone call or door bell or a demanding child /spouse and the food burns and makes you mad. Imagine how much more free time and peace of mind you could have with your family or friends if there was a pot that did the mixing for you and made sure the whole thing is cooked evenly!

The Personal Chef Stir Cooker by Fusion Chef can solve all your mixing problems. This latest product from Inno Concepts provides continuous stirring at a constant temperature to free your arms for holding your child or checking social media. You can set the pot to a desired temperature and to either intermittent or continuous stirring, add the ingredients for cooking and then you are free to go on with your day.

The Personal Chef Stir Cooker saves energy and preserves the nutritional value of dishes. Okra cooked in the Stir Cooker is a beautiful bright green and doesn’t have the gooey residue normally present in a standard pot.

The Stir Cooker is normally $75 + S&H within continental USA. For a limited time, if you buy two or more units, we are offering a $15 discount per unit. Limited quantities available, and you may not be able to take advantage of this deal if we run out of inventory. Please contact us at info[@]innoconcepts[dot]com or +1-770-594-1815 if you need more information.

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