Panasonic MKTSW200 (220V)

Model: Timer Model (220V)

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Inno Concepts is happy to introduce Panasonic MKTSW200 Super wetgrinder for the first time in North America. This Idli grinder/dosa grinder/wetgrinder is made in India with Japanese Technology and is now available for use in 110V for use in Europe, Asian countries, South America & Mexico and other 220V countries. Please specify if 50Hz or 60Hz model.  We can ship these machines around the world.  This unit has timer to turn the grinder OFF after a specified time.  The grinder body can be white or black color depending upon the inventory available.

This 2 liter wetgrinder( Panasonic MKTSW200 Super wetgrinder) has so many unique features (listed below) to help the user that it was chosen as No. 1 wetgrinder in India.

  •  3D Alpha Flow – Faster Grinding
  •  Anti Slip HTD belt – Long lasting
  •  Timer for automatic grinding – Peace of mind
  •  Light Weight – Easy to carry and store
  •  Interlocking safety system – Safe to use
  •  Unique Spatula Slot to check batter while grinding – No need to stop the unit
  •  Circuit breaker prevents motor failure, caused by overloading – Durable motor

Now Panasonic wetgrinder is available in 110V in USA from Inno Concepts only. This unit has factory installed motor.

Inno Concepts provides 2 year limited warranty for any manufacturing defect and five year manufacturer warranty for the motor.

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Weight32 lbs

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